Elizabeth Hayes serves readers well in ‘The Price of Addiction’

A multi-part series, “The Price of Addiction,” in the Portland Business Journal is a carefully reported and clearly written set of articles that tackle a tough issue — one that needs more attention in our region and across the country.  Reporter Elizabeth Hayes, who covers healthcare for the newspaper, does a real service with her straightforward coverage. The Q&A with CODA’s Alison Noice is a valuable primer for anyone interested in the treatment of opioid addiction.

CODA explores role of nutrition assessments in improving treatment

CODA Researchers recently published a preliminary study exploring the role of nutritional assessments in treatment for opioid-dependent populations. Experts have long agreed that opioid users are at risk of poor nutritional health, but using a related screening tool during treatment intake had not been formally considered. The tool provides information about […] Read more »

Junior League of Portland creates “sea wall” at CODA!

Members of the Junior League of Portland came to CODA armed with paint, brushes–and an impressive amount of energy–when they spent Saturday, Oct. 5 at the agency’s Portland Recovery Center. The volunteers painted a group room and created this striking mural, designed by Chris Muhs. (Last year, the JLP CAREs volunteers […] Read more »