Can We Help Someone You Know?


Can we help someone you knowWhen someone you care about has a substance use problem, she or he may be physically and emotionally ill, with dysfunctional relationships, financial situation and work life.

People living with substance use conditions may be in trouble with the law, without homes, or lacking other things basic to making their way in the world. At CODA we work with the people you care about as they take on all of these challenges.

We provide the support and treatment needed for people to reduce and stop their alcohol and drug use, to reconcile with family and friends, find employment, and take a place in the larger community. Family, friends and other important people can be involved. The individual seeking help makes choices about treatment and controls who else is involved in this important work toward recovery. There is no one-size-fits-all plan at CODA.

We offer outpatient services in Portland, Clackamas, Gresham, Hillsboro and Tigard, where patients can meet with counselors, attend groups, and if health situation calls for it, receive medication to block cravings. CODA also works with people who struggle with mental illness and substance use.

We offer residential programs for women with small children and for men in Gresham.

CODA also offers supported and transitional alcohol- and drug-free housing for adults with specific needs.


The sentence that appears in much of our material is not just a slogan:

CODA: “Building health and recovery through compassionate, evidence-based care.”

This means that our mission is to provide patient-centered care from people who listen with respect and who will stay with your friend or family member as their needs change.

When we offer “evidence-based” care, we are promising that the treatment we provide is based on sound science and research, and will incorporate the best practices available in behavioral healthcare.