New CODA Research study

UPDATE:  Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in this important study. At this time, we are no longer recruiting and are closed to enrollment. Thank you for helping treatment providers bring the best medicines available to you and others in recovery.

We are looking for adults aged 18 – 65 years, who are dependent on opioids such as heroin, Oxycontin, Vicodin, etc. Eligible volunteers will be provided with up to 8 months of no-cost intervention which includes an investigational medication for opioid dependence.

  • Study lasts approximately 32 weeks.
  • This study includes a placebo: there is an 8 in 10 chance of receiving active medication and a 2 in 10 chance of receiving placebo — a substance that looks like the active medication but has no drug in it.
  • Participation is voluntary, there will be no cost for participating, and participants will be compensated in retail gift cards.
  • Possible risks and benefits of participation will be discussed with eligible participants in detail through a document called an informed consent.

If eligible, you would need to come to the CODA Research study center, located on 11th Avenue and East Burnside Street on Portland’s Central East Side, at most 4 times a week, and at minimum 1 time a week. If interested, please call 503.341.6103