Media Resources

CODA’s mission and vision stress our belief that an important part of our work is to break down the stigma that still exists about alcohol and drug use, and mental illness. To that end, we want to respond promptly and accurately to media requests. For questions, please use the email form below, selecting “media inquiry.”

We welcome journalists, researchers and educators who would like to come to CODA and learn more about what we do, including evidence-based treatment and research. Please contact us as far in advance as is possible so that we can accommodate your needs.

When a tragedy strikes our community, such as an overdose or accident in which alcohol and drugs play a role, journalists sometimes call CODA and our peer agencies to ask if someone involved has received treatment from us. As a healthcare provider bound by The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)  and other medical confidentiality laws, and a recovery community committed to protecting the patients and families who come to us for help, we do not answer such questions. We will, however, do all we can to provide information about treatment and recovery, and attempt to connect members of the media with experts who can contribute to accurate coverage.

You may find our Frequently Asked Questions and our Resources page useful.

Questions? Please contact our Call Center at 855-SEE-CODA (855-733-2632)