All of CODA's services are now available either on-site or through remote virtual care on your computer or phone. If you prefer in-person care, we have added many precautions to ensure the continued health of patients and staff. If you have questions or wish to schedule an appointment, click here or call our admissions team directly at 855-SEE-CODA (855-733-2632)

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Rooms available at all CODA residential facilities!

Call 855-SEE-CODA (855-733-2632) for more information.

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Recovery Stories


After 27 years of struggling with addiction, Clint came to CODA for help. His rock-bottom moment–being homeless and without the custody of his children–motivated him to enter our residential treatment program. After a few months, and time in outpatient care, Clint was on the road to recovery with the skills and support he needed to stay clean. Today, Clint has been in recovery for over four years, with a job and a home he shares with his two daughters.