Portland Business Journal notes CODA Research study

“In Oregon, marijuana is second only to alcohol when it comes to admissions for substance abuse treatment, yet it’s hard to find any targeted programs here or elsewhere,” reports Portland Business Journal writer Elizabeth Hayes. She goes on to describe a study  being carried out by CODA Research that is looking at the effects of  the drug N-acetylcysteine, or NAC, on marijuana-use abstinence.




Animals, healing, and great photos

Sometimes healthcare news is heartwarming; that’s the case with the piece by reporter Elizabeth Hayes and photographer Cathy Cheney of Portland Business Journal who produced a gallery of photos showing kids in local hospitals as they visit with dogs and cats who help heal the sick. Hayes also writes about […] Read more »

From CODA’s Executive Director

The death of a prominent person, especially an artist as talented as Philip Seymour Hoffman, shocks us all. Hoffman’s powerful performances have made him a larger-than-life figure, and it seems terribly wrong that he could end this way. We would have stood in line to watch Hoffman play this part […] Read more »

Portland Business Journal: Mendenhall on addiction; Dwight Holton joins Lines for Life

A guest column in the Portland Business Journal provides a thoughtful overview of addiction and treatment today.  The author, Dr. Andy Mendenhall, medical director of the Hazelden clinic in Beaverton, wrote this  in the context of the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman: “We are spurred to feel compassion for the lost […] Read more »