Want to get and keep a meaningful job?

UPDATE: Recruiting has closed for this study. Thank you to everyone who signed up – we look forward to sharing the study results with our CODA community.

CODA Research wants to help!

We are looking for interested individuals who are receiving medication-assisted treatment (MAT) at CODA’s Portland Recovery Center to participate in our Supported Employment study called StEPS. Eligible participants will have the chance to meet with our employment specialist.

Participants will also meet with the Research team every few months to give their feedback about the employment assistance. Compensation in the form of retail gift cards will be provided at each Research visit.

Interested individuals must attend an information session in order to be eligible for the study. Information sessions occur every Friday at 9 am at PRC.

For more information, please call the CODA Research team at (503) 341-6103.

Wise words from NYT Columnist

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