Vision Action Network of Washington County has named the Connect to Work Program as the winner of its 2014 Cameron Award.

CODA is a partner in the Connect to Work program, which aims to reduce recidivism, save prison and jail costs, and to assist individuals in attaching to the labor force.

Vision Action Network’s mission is to identify critical issues and support collaborative community-based solutions, leading to “a Washington County where all people live and work in healthy, vibrant, sustainable communities.” Its annual Cameron Award recognizes organizations and individuals which reflect this mission and demonstrate it in exemplary ways.

The Connect to Work program connects Washington County Drug Court participants to workforce preparation and employment resources through WorkSource Portland Metro. Participants get help obtaining transitional employment and rebuilding their work history.

Along with CODA, Washington County Drug Court is a collaborative effort with local District Attornies, Public Defenders, law enforcement and Washington County Health and Human Services.

Of the 47 Drug Court participants served to date, 85% were placed in employment at an average wage of $10.08 an hour. Of those placed into employment, 88% retained their employment for at least 90 days. The Connect to Work programs has been in place since 2012.

(Thanks to the Vision Action Network newsletter for this info.)