I’m thrilled to announce some recent changes in CODA’s Research Department. Jennifer Wisdom, who you read about when we announced the roll out of our Managers Toolkit, became our Director of Research on October 1st. Katharina Wiest, who has successfully led the department for the past 13 years, continues her many research projects at CODA and has moved into the position of Senior Scientist and Associate Director. This move allows us to focus Kat’s talents on attracting and overseeing research projects while Jennifer focuses on the administrative work of building a platform for future opportunities.

Jennifer brings experience as a National Institute on Drug Abuse/National Institutes of Health funded researcher and as a university associate vice president in research administration. Add this to the 18+ months she has already spent in various CODA programs providing consultation and leading policy development, and we find ourselves quite fortunate to have her in this role. We look forward to Jennifer, Kat, and the whole research team continuing to move CODA research into the future!

–Alison Noice, Executive Director