The Oregonian reports that some 50,000 people were able to get coverage by year’s end through the state’s healthcare exchange, Cover Oregon. Those people are in addition to “more than 100,000 people who were enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan using a streamlined process set up by the state to bypass Cover Oregon,” writes Nick Budnick.

And: The Portland Business Journal reports that Oregon has risen to 13th place in a national healthcare ranking.

Finally, The Lund Report posted an update Dec. 23 noting that the project is calling a halt to its advertising campaign, which to date has cost more than $8 million. The post by Diane Lund-Muzikant draws attention to an important aspect of the future of Cover Oregon:

“During 2014, Cover Oregon will rely on federal funding for its operating expenses, including any advertising, and have $226 million at its disposal, [spokesman Michael] Cox said. However, the following year the health insurance exchange is expected to be self-sustaining…Right now no one’s willing to say how Cover Oregon will come up with enough funding to keep from falling into the red ink column in 2015…”