The CODA Research team is currently working on another phase of the PROMIS project. PROMIS stands for “Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System” and is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). As the NIH PROMIS website notes, it is “a system of highly reliable, valid, flexible, precise, and responsive assessment tools that measure patient–reported health status.”

The purpose of the current PROMIS research initiative is to develop a tool that accurately captures patient-reported outcomes regarding substance use disorders (SUDs) across a wide range of severity. The project aims to help researchers and clinicians understand the nuanced health status of patients with SUDs.

This PROMIS project is similar to a PROMIS study CODA Research participated in in 2010 focused on alcohol use. CODA’s involvement in this new phase of PROMIS has led to the growth of our department as we welcomed two additional Research Associates.