Opioids policy summit

Check out this first-of-its-kind opioids policy summit held last week — it brought together commissioners from Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas Counties, district attorneys and sheriffs, staff from county health and human services divisions, nonprofit treatment providers, regional hospital systems, health insurers and first responders. 

Speaking at the event, our Executive Director Tim Hartnett said:

“Medicine is the single best thing we know works for people who have an opioid dependence…It’s not the sole cure. But we know it’s absolutely one of the crucial resources to help people.” He asked policymakers to expand access to that treatment in county jails. “Jail is an entry point on that path to recovery,” Hartnett said. “Help them respond to the alcohol and drug use that’s right in front of them.”

Gov. Brown launches opioid task force

Governor Kate Brown’s Opioid Epidemic Task Force is holding its first meeting today, September 19! Gov. Brown is also signing House Bill 3440, a comprehensive bill that removes barriers the lifesaving overdose drug Naloxone, improves access to Drug Court, and prohibits insurance companies from requiring preauthorization for the first 30 days […] Read more »

Gregory Gourdet receives CODA’s 2016 Advocacy Award

Gregory Gourdet, well-known Portland chef and inspiring speaker on recovery, has received CODA’s 2016 Advocacy Award!  Speaking to more than 160 guests at the “We Are CODA” event, Gourdet talked frankly about his own descent into a substance-use disorder while still in his twenties, and how recovery led him to […] Read more »

Wise words from NYT Columnist

In his New York Times column “Heroin Doesn’t Have to Be a Killer” columnist Nicolas Kristof has again looked closely at an issue that is often overlooked, even by top journalists and medical writers. The June 6, 2015, column says in part: “It’s a subject we find hard to talk […] Read more »

From CODA’s Executive Director

The death of a prominent person, especially an artist as talented as Philip Seymour Hoffman, shocks us all. Hoffman’s powerful performances have made him a larger-than-life figure, and it seems terribly wrong that he could end this way. We would have stood in line to watch Hoffman play this part […] Read more »