When we launched our Call Center a couple of years ago, we made it much easier for patients and their families to reach us and get timely treatment. Now CODA is building on that success in a big way!  

We’re consolidating the admissions to all of our programs by directing callers to what is now called the Admissions Department.

(That number is still: 855-SEE-CODA, 855-733-2632)

Instead of calling various individual programs, providers and community partners can now interact with just one resource for all patient needs.

The Admissions staff will ensure that patients who are placed on a Residential wait list will be helped as they wait, and those people who we believe can be successful in Outpatient can be served through those programs. 

Last month we also added an online form on our website that allows providers to reach us more easily. Now those providers, as well as other community partners and patients, will face fewer barriers to our compassionate, evidence-based care.

–Alison Noice,  Acting Executive Director