In May of this year, secondary to challenges with the limited space and a small staff, CODA discontinued in-person services at our Gresham outpatient office. Using our newfound telehealth skills, we continued to provide medical and clinical services to the patients enrolled there, encouraging them to use other CODA locations when in-person services were required. Since then, we have weighed the pros and cons of occupying this site, and have determined that a return to the physical space at this time is not feasible. Effective immediately, we will cease enrolling new patients into that program, and will spend the next 30 days ensuring continuity of treatment for those impacted.

We believe most if not all of the existing patients can successfully transition to another CODA program. For those who cannot, or prefer not to, we will dedicate all the resources necessary to successfully transitioning their care elsewhere. This closure will eliminate a very small number of staff positions; those impacted may apply for current vacancies elsewhere in the organization.

COVID has and will continue to impact CODA in many ways, for many months to come. We are meeting those challenges head on as we focus on refining work and adjusting to the reduction to in-person care. Over these last several months, we have learned a great deal about our potential in terms of technology, clinical reach, and administrative support. We are fortunate that interim assistance we have received is giving us the time and space to approach these changes thoughtfully.

Any change to our operations and programs brings questions. While the day to day impact will be small, we recognize this may heighten anxiety for our staff, our patients, and our partners. The decision to contract our reach does not come lightly. We remain committed to the value CODA brings: a vertically integrated system of care focused on sharing the benefits of early recovery with as many as possible, using science to drive our decisions. This has been, and will remain, the lens through which we view all of our opportunities.