Powerful radio

Have you heard about the play, “American Junkie?” Now in performance at Seattle’s Repertory Theatre, it is a remarkable creation of playwright Tom Hansen. This is a frank, intelligent radio

Harm reduction, and a tale of two cities

This well-written and carefully reported article in The Nation looks at the dramatically different responses to opioid epidemic in Philadelphia and Vancouver, BC.  The quotes from the determined activists who

Pro athletes and the opioid epidemic

Professional athletes, particularly football players, are often caught up in the opioid epidemic, typically because of the heavy amounts of painkillers they are given in order to play at the

CODA services needed on Oregon coast

The Oregon coast is in dire need of treatment services for substance use disorders, and CODA is in discussion with local officials and citizens about creating a program in Seaside.

Reading wide and deep on opioids

The role of pharmaceutical companies in the opioid epidemic has been reported widely and analyzed in minute detail. We know the basic story: Research for lifesaving medicines morphs into deep,

A riveting account of the path of addiction

A very powerful–and possibly for some people, upsetting–depiction and discussion of opioid addiction has been posted by The New York Times. The multi-media feature is crafted from comments by countless